A lot has changed since our inaugural event back in March. Changes from COVID and changes in the CrossFit world. Because of those changes, our event is having to change and adapt as well.

After talking with a handful of gym owners and others within in our community, we believe the event details for the 2021 event are not only appropriate, but necessary for our coastal community. 

We believe the changes will not only enhance your experience as an athlete, but generate a brand-new level of excitement within your gym community!

So what are the changes? 

The biggest change to this year’s event is the qualifier.

Last year, we ran our qualifier based on your performance in the Open. This year, we will be holding our own qualifier separate from the Open.

The reason for this is two-fold in nature. 


From what we’ve read and heard, CrossFit HQ is going to be shifting The Open back to the late winter/early spring time period. Because of this and the uncertainty around when that will be, we don’t feel comfortable planning our event around The Open when we don’t even know when it will be.

This isn’t fair to you and it’s not a smart decision for us as event planners. We don’t want athletes to have to wait nearly a year-and-a half between FOTC events. This decision is not based on the past issues HQ has gone through. In fact, we love the changes being made by HQ and can’t wait to see what happens. 


This reason is ultimately the most important. Although gyms are back open, many gyms we’ve have spoken with are still feeling the impact from COVID. Gyms are open, but that excitement level just isn’t where it was before COVID. 

As a result, we have developed a qualifier that we hope will energize your gym community and create a brand new level of excitement! For years, the open was held at the beginning of the year and it served as an energizing 5-weeks for gyms. It brought gym communities together and lit a fire within athletes. 

Our community and our gyms need that energy once more – and we do not have until next year to wait for that energy to return. We need it sooner rather than later, and we believe the FOTC qualifier can be just that for your gym!

Here is how the FOTC qualifier is going to work:

  • 5 Week Qualifier – Starts beginning of October
  • Workout released on Thursday and athletes have until Monday night to complete
  • 5 Workouts
  • Workouts will be previous Open workouts
  • Athletes can re-do workouts
  • Workouts will be uploaded to online leaderboard
  • Divisions: 18-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+, Teen (14-17)



We will also be holding a gym competition as well where gyms will compete against other gyms for the title of fittest gym.

We will break up gyms within three regions: Charleston, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach.

The team competition will find the top gym in each region and then also name the fittest gym on the coast. Team will be made up of EVERY athlete at the gym who signs up. This way EVERY athlete matters.

We are currently working to secure a deal with an equipment company where each wining gym will receive a gift card from the equipment company. 

The goal is to have the gyms become their own team and create a tribal like feel! Scoring will be weighted so even if your gym doesn’t have the most skilled athletes you still have a shot at the top prize. We will release the scoring on this later.

Our hope is that the qualifier and team aspect will bring your gym together and make it so EVERY athlete matters to your team!


What is more! We are going to be holding LIVE workout release parties. One will be held in Hilton Head, two in Charleston and two in Myrtle Beach. 

These release parties will be like the open release parties of old!

We will hold them at an area gym, invite the community to come in for the night and we will hold head-to-head workout battles!

What is more, we are working with our friends from Throwdowns to live stream the workouts and put on a professional like live steam just like you would watch at the biggest comps and CrossFit Games! 

Over the next month, we will be gathering regional reps to help us plan these events and if you want to host an event or be part of the planning team, let us know! 


The cost of the qualifier will be just $10 and our friends at Imagination Athletics will be creating a custom shirt for the qualifier that athletes can purchase for an additional $10.

If your gym has more than 35 athletes register for the qualifier, we will create a custom design for your gym with the logo of your gym included on the shirt. FOTC is going to be covering the cost of the customization for those gyms.

We truly believe that this qualifier will ignite a flame in our community and we want your help to AGAIN show our coastal CrossFit community is stronger together! 

We will be releasing full info, registration dates, rulebooks and more soon!

We are currently in communication with four area gyms to host the championship event and we plan on announcing the host gym and date for the 2021 event in August!

In addition, we have secured a VERY EXCITING title sponsor who is committed to help create an amazing event for you.

We pray that your community continues to be safe and healthy during these crazy times and we can’t wait to have you part of Fittest of the Coast this year!

Online Qualifier Info